Monday, January 21, 2013

Lily is two!!!

Lily turned two on Jan 20th!!
My baby girl isn't a baby anymore!
She had an Elmo themed birthday party
 Her cake was done by Cup'n Cakes through Icing smiles
Icing smiles is an amazing non-profit organization that donates birthday cakes for medically complex kids. This cake was amazing!
The lady donated her time and resources so lily could have such an awesome cake.
Now she couldn't eat any of it BUT it made her smile so much and she wouldn't stop looking at it.
You can visit Cup'n Cakes fb page by clicking here if you are looking for a cake artist anytime soon:)
 My Elmo fruit platter...
I was very proud of this!

She was SOOOOOO happy!!!

 She wouldn't let Elmo go!
 even when she was coloring she had to hold on to Elmo so he couldn't leave
 She had to sit on Elmo's lap to open presents
She did let go of Elmo to play 
pin the nose on Elmo but immediately ran back to Elmo again.
She was one happy birthday girl!!!
Thank You to "Elmo" who donated her time to see Lily smile!
And Thank You to everyone who came and helped us celebrate the miracle of Lily's 2nd birthday!!!

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  1. It was great seeing how happy she was! I still laugh about her pulling Elmo all around the room to show off the decorations and presents!