Common abreviations/terms I use

 ALTE- apparent life threatening event (she passes out, turns blue, and stops breathing)
Broncoscopy- scope of the airway and lungs under anesthesia
 Cardio- cardiologist- heart Dr
 D10- the type of IV fluid Lily must have due to her hypoglycemia
 EEG- test with about 20 wires placed all over the head to test for seizure activity
 EGD- Stomach scope under anesthesia
 Endocrinologist/ Endocrine- Her blood sugar Dr
 ENT- Ear Nose and Throat Dr
 Feeds- referring to the formula she is being fed through her G-tube
 feed rate- her rate is in milliliters (ml) as a quick reference there are 30ml to 1oz of fluid and right  now she is fed 24 hours a day. so that is what I mean when i say she is at a rate of 45ml/24 hr, I mean she is being fed 45ml and hour (1 1/2oz) 24 hours a day.
 Fundo- Nissen Fundoplication- the surgery she had to stop the refluxing you can read more by clicking here
 G-tube- the feeding tube in her stomach you can read more by clicking here
 GI- Gastrointestinal specialist (stomach doc)
 GI tract- Lily's stomach and bowels
 IVIG- Intervenious immunoglobulin - an IV infusion of the IgG that she is missing from her
 MBS- Modified Barium Swallow- a swallowing study done with xray video so we can see if she is aspirating when she swallows
 Mito- Mitochondrial Disease
 Neocate- The partial predigested formula that is the only kind of food her body can tolerate
 Neuro- Neurologist- brain Dr
 NG tube- Naso-gastric feeding tube the yellow feeding tube she used to have on her face before she got her G-tube you can read more by clicking here
 OT- occupational Therapist/ occupational therapy
 PCP- Primary care pediatrician Lily sees a special needs pcp
 PCH- Phoenix Children's Hospital
 Port- The IV port on her chest you can read more by clicking here
 PT- Physical Therapist/ Physical Therapy
 Pulm- Pulmologist or Pulmonary referring to her Lung Doctor or her airway/lungs
 SLP- Speech and Language Pathologist "her feeding and speech therapist"
 SN- Special Needs
 SPD- sensory processing disorder
 TPN- total parenteral nutrition "IV nutrition"
 Trach- The plastic tube sticking out of her neck allowing her to keep breathing even when her upper airway collapses you can read more by clicking here

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